Medication Policy

  • STUDENTS CANNOT CARRY THEIR OWN MEDICATION.  Exceptions include: Epi-pens, inhalers, & diabetic supplies, including snacks, which students must supply.  These items must be provided along with written forms completed by the prescribing physician; aforementioned forms are provided by the Health Office or you may view the forms by clicking HERE.  Students must supply 2 inhalers or 2 Epi-pens (1 to carry and 1 for the Health Office).

    If ANY medication must be given during school time, the medication will not be accepted unless a Medication During School Form is completed by the prescribing physician (copies are available in the Health Office or above as a PDF). The medication must be in a properly labeled pharmacy container, SPECIFYING STUDENT'S DOSAGE & TIME TO BE ADMINISTERED AT SCHOOL FOR EACH MEDICATION.  Medicine inplastic bags, envelopes, or other containers WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  This regulation applies to prescription as well as over-the-counter medications.

    Students will be permitted to come to the Health Office as necessary.  Medication may not be kept in lockers, classrooms, or carried about on the school campus.