• Kindergarten Festivals • 2018-2019
    Although Mariposa Kindergarten’s year is filled with celebrations, it is our philosophy to keep them simple, meaningful and reverent. We follow a path through the rhythm of the year by marking the changing seasons through festivals. For young children, much of the joy is found in the preparation — they simply love seasonal crafts and learning the festival’s traditional songs and verses. We tell stories as part of the preparation which gives children the imagery and understanding of the festival without the need for explicit explanation. Some of the celebrations will include parents, while others will be spent with only classmates and teachers. Below is a list of these special days. Please take note that with some of these celebrations, parents are invited, and for others, only children and teachers will be in attendance.

    Birthday Candle Making Night (Wednesday, September 5th • 6:00-7:30 pm - parents only!)
    Birthdays are very special, reverent celebrations of the child’s life — from before birth through their current year. Parents will fill out a birthday form ahead of time giving us information to create an individualized birthday story, which is told in class. Although each class’s birthday ceremonies may be slightly different in presentation, the essence is the same. A story is told centered around each child’s journey to earth and choosing his/her parents and family and then important milestones in each year of the child’s life. At the end of the celebration, the child is given a gift from the “Birthday Fairy” (a candle covertly created by the child’s parents).  

    Dragon Bread Day (Wednesday, October 3rd)
    Although we do not celebrate this holiday in any type of religious context, we do acknowledge the gift of our inner strength in our ability to face dragons of any kind! Therefore, our activities are centered on the idea of inner strength as traditionally this celebration was considered the beginning of fall and much strength would be required to sustain life through the winter. Parents are welcome to join us for dragon bread at the end of the day — 12:15 PM.

    Pumpkin Day (Wednesday, October 31st)
    At Mariposa, children in grades 1st through 7th will participate in a Halloween costume parade. However, in kindergarten, we celebrate the day in a gentler way. On our Pumpkin Day, we will be spectators of the school parade sitting in the “kinder grandstands.” We will not be wearing costumes to school, instead, saving our costumes for Halloween night. Children can look forward to being part of the parade as a rite of passage when they are in 1st grade. Parents are welcome to stay for the parade as we will be singing some Halloween songs right before the parade begins. Later in the afternoon, we will be  participating in our annual Pumpkin Rolling Rally. Children and teachers only.

    Tawny Scrawny Lion Soup (Wednesday, November 14th)
    In the spirit of the story of “Tawny, Scrawny Lion,” we will be planning a day of sharing and cooking tasty soup! Children will bring various vegetables from home to put in our class soup pots to simmer. At the end of the day, we will share a few songs and poems with parents — along with some savory soup and fresh-baked bread! Parents are welcome to attend this celebration, which will begin at 12 noon.

    Nicholas Day (Thursday, December 6th)
    On this day we have a surprise visitor who leaves basket at the door containing a small gift for each child in celebration of this season of generosity and kindness. TOP SECRET! Teachers and children only.

    Winter Spiral (Wednesday, TBD)
    The Winter Spiral is a magical and heartwarming celebration of light that brings us hope and guidance in the darkest time of the year. More information regarding Winter Spiral will be sent home at a later date. Although parents play a large part in helping with set up, this event is for children and teachers only.

    Valentines for Children’s Hospital (Wednesday, February 6)
    In the spirit of giving to others, it has become a tradition in Mariposa Kindergarten to celebrate Valentine’s Day by making cards for patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). We also collect coins during the weeks preceding Valentine’s Day to make a donation as well. Your child will not need to bring in Valentines from home as we will also be making cards for their families and friends at school during the month. Note: Although there will be no official, class “party” for Valentine’s Day, we will be doing a three kinder class exchange (children only) of valentines we have made at school on Friday, Feb. 13th. Parents are welcome and encouraged to come in and assist children in the creation of these cards for the hospital from 12 – 12:45PM on Wednesday, Feb. 7th.

    Leprechuan Day (Friday, March 15)
    Erin go bragh! March is most definitely a month of mischief. On this day, we will all be surprised by unusual green food and other shenanigans. We will take a walk to look for leprechauns, and who knows what we might find. Children and teachers only.

    Maypole Festival (Wednesday, May 1)
    Grades 1st-8th participate in our annual, school tradition of song, dance, and wrapping of the maypoles. Kinder children are part of the procession of the May Queen, and then we are eager spectators of  half of the festivities. All parents and families are welcome to attend. 8:45-10:30 AM

    A Celebration of Mothers (Friday, May 10)
    One of our most cherished celebrations of the year! We won’t go into much detail here, but all mothers are invited to a very special celebration in honor of all the wonderful kindergarten mothers. All mothers or another significant woman in a child’s life (if a mother is unable to attend). 9:00-10:00AM.

    Open House (TBD)
    Open House is an all school event. Everyone is welcome to come in and see a sampling of each child’s work from the school year. Parents, sibling, extended family and friends welcome!

    Bridging Ceremony (Friday, June 8)
    Our year ends with a very intimate day where children from all three kindergarten classes are divided up into the two groups of those who will be “guiding stars” for kindergarten the next year and those who will be “caring hearts” for first grade the next year. Both groups are told a story relevant to their journeys for the following year. After the stories, the children are given their heart or star necklace. This event is very different than a “ceremony” or “graduation.” It is very simple - a special moment in time for the children and the teachers who are presenting the story. Children and teachers only.

    Kindergarten Beach Day (Wednesday, June 12th)
    We end the year with this splashingly splendid day at school!