• At the core of the philosophy of Mariposa Elementary School is the understanding that families and teachers work togetherto create a comprehensive learning environment that values and supports whole-child education equally. As members of our school community, parents are a critical component in fostering a sense of creativity and passion for learning. Parent volunteers support many aspects of the program, including gardening, recycling, field trips, the arts, celebrations, and projects. Parents are required to volunteer and log a minimum of 12 hours per month. Volunteering takes a variety of forms both inside and outside of the classroom. Currently, the majority of the families are making this contribution. Volunteers have gone through a basic training in understanding how to facilitate classroom learning and promote a positive classroom environment.

    Parent education workshops are offered every other month and include such topics as the impact of media on learning, managing behavior at home, and nutrition. Additionally, “Compassionate Parenting” classes are held weekly and are generally well-attended. Round table meetings are also held every other month in which aspects of the program and its development are discussed and parents have an opportunity to contribute ideas or ask questions. Parents are also invited to our monthly CAPTn’S and School-Site Council meetings. Both groups consist of a combination of staff members and parents.