• Tutoring services are available for all students every day of the week including Saturdays.  If your child  needs additional help, please encourage them to take advantage of these opportunities, as well as going to their teachers for help during Support on blocked Wednesday and Thursday.

    National Honor Society

    Monday/ Wednesday

    3:00pm- 4:00pm


    Students report to the Library and check in with Mrs. Heukrodt. 
    Be sure to bring your books and be ready to work. 
    Tutors are available to help with English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish and French.
    Algebra Tutoring
    Tuesday Before School (8-8:45am)

    Come to Room X205 to do your HW, get help, ask questions, meet other students and teachers, review, commit, practice, earn a passing grade etc. 
    "Math is nothing to b2 of!"
    Private Tutors   Lists of student and adult tutors are available if you are looking to hire private tutors. See Mrs. Lutsky in the College and Career Center or call her at 818-222-7177 ext. 247 for a list of tutors. Make sure your child gets the extra help they need to succeed!
    Student Tutors 3:30-5:00pm There are student tutors at the City of Calabasas Library after school on Tuesday and Thursday.  Go there and get the help you need!