• We have a fully stocked Health Office here on campus run by Health Clerk Jennifer Fisher.  She is certified in First Aide and trained in CPR and the use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

    When a student is ill, the first thing they should do, before texting or calling home, is to get a pass to the Health Office.  Mrs. Fisher is NOT a nurse and may not diagnosor hand out undocumented medications but she can offer non-medicinal "tea and sympathy"-type remedies that just may be helpful. If not,  and the student doesn't feel any better, they are more than welcome  to call home.  This will cut down tremendously on class interruptions.

    We trust you will understand the need for the following standards:

    • ILL STUDENTS SHOULD NOT BE SENT TO SCHOOL - if your child has a sore throat, severe cough, earache, colored (green or yellow) nasal discharge, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, undiagnosed rash, temperature of 100 degrees or more - KEEP THEM AT HOME!
    • Medications  should be given at home - ask your doctor if a prescribed medicine can be given after school hours, rather than bringing medicine to school;
    • If medications must be given at school they will not be accepted unless an "Authorization for Medication Taken During School Hours, School Activiites or Extended Field Trips" form is completed by your physician (this form can be found on our website under "Health Office") and the medication is in a properly labeled pharmacy container; medicine in a plastic bag, envelope, etc., will not be accepted. This form and procedure must be followed even for "over-the-counter" medications that are only used upon need. Remember, students are not allowed to carry any medications in their backpacks, with the exception of a properly documented inhaler and/or EPI pen.
    • Consult your doctor for suspected illnesses or injuries - we are equipped to provide emergency First Aid ONLY.
    • Provide school with current emergency telephone numbers (please include others you designate to take responsibility for your child's care) so that contact may be made immediately in the event of injury or illness. Any changes of contact persons or phone numbers should be communicated to the school.

    Additional services available through the Health Office:
    1. When a student has been out for 2 or more days you may call the Health Office to initiate a Homework Request. Homework will be collected and may be picked up at the Health Office. Our Health Clerk's hours are 7am to 3:30pm everyday.

    2. At-home Eight-Panel Drug Kits will be available for sale at $10.00 per kit. These tools provide a discreet way to monitor at risk kids in the privacy of your home at a substantial savings.

    3. In the case of injury or surgery, if your child must attend school with any medical appliances i.e.: a cast, boot, crutches, etc. our "Permission To Attend School" form must be signed off by a doctor. (this form can be found on our website under "Health Office"
    4. In the case of a student being absent 10 consecutive days (not including holidays) due to injury/surgery/illness, Mrs. Fisher is the first person to contact regarding the possibility of Home Hospital.