• Seniors with a valid driver's license you may purchase a parking permit. Please provide the below documentation/ proof.
    Juniors who have a valid Drivers License can enter into a Lottery to get parking permits.  Please see Ms. Kay in the Administrative Office and fill out a ticket to be entered into the next parking lottery.  If your name is choosen, you will need to provide the following information:

          1.   A valid Drivers License (Permits are NOT accepted)

          2.   A copy of your current automobile insurance and vehicle registration

          3.   CHS Student Parking Permit Application signed by you and your parent
          4.   A check made payable to CHS for the amount of the parking pass.

          5.   If a parking pass is lost- There is a replacement cost.


    Students:  You must display your permit inside the car you are driving on the front windshield on the left corner of the driver's side whenever it is parked on the CHS campus.  It is your responsibility to have your permit in whatever car you are driivng to school, so be sure to switch the pass if you drive another car to avoid a ticket.