• What to think about when choosing a college/university:




    • How would you characterize the majority of students?
    • From what economic background are the majority of students?
    • Are there clubs, activities or housing that are minority related?
    • What do students like most about the college? Like least?
    • Has the student government made any real contributions to the school? How do you get into student government?
    • What political, social or academic issues concerned students last year? How did the administration react? What was the resolution?


    Social life and campus activities

    • What do students do for fun?
    • What is the role of fraternities and sororities on campus? If I didn’t want to join, could I have a satisfactory social life?
    • What are the dominant social groups on campus? Do the groups get along with one another? Have there been any problems?
    • What role do team sports play in the social life of the college? What happens on football or basketball weekends? If I didn’t want to join in, would I find kindred spirits?
    • Is there a good balance of academics, social life and extracurricular activities?
    • What were the social or cultural highlights last year?
    • What is the role of the campus newspaper?
    • Is there an alcohol problem and, if so, how is the college handling it? What is the incidence of binge drinking? Do students feel safe on campus?


    Campus facilities

    Housing and dining

    • Is there something I should know about housing that would help me in my choice?
    • What are the types of food plans? All you can eat? Vegetarian? Kosher?

    Activity centers and athletic and recreational facilities

    • What kinds of facilities does the student center have? Is it a magnet for student activities? Are there other hangouts?
    • Do you think the college pays attention to its appearance?
    • How would you rate the fitness center?

    Health, career counseling, special student services and security

    • Is there a doctor, nurse, psychologist or career counselor on campus? What is the waiting period for appointments?
    • Is the office for special services adequate to the demand?
    • How good is the security on campus?


    • What have been students’ experiences with the library? Have there been complaints?
    • Is the library well equipped with computers and copy machines?


    The community off campus

    What is there to do in town? How would I get there?


    Academics and faculty

    • What is distinctive about education here? What is the educational philosophy of the college? Has it changed much in recent years?
    • Is the honor code working? How widespread is cheating?
    • What is the most popular major on campus? Why?
    • Do you think that students are generally enthusiastic about their classes? Do people talk about their courses outside of class?
    • How would you characterize the academic pressure and workload?
    • Are there research possibilities with the faculty? In what areas?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the advising system?
    • What is the quality of students and faculty relationships? Is the faculty interested in accessible to students after class? Do faculty members participate in student activities?
    • Are curriculum changes in the works? How will that affect my college years?
    • Are there any departments being cut back or discontinued? Is so, why?
    • Are there any new programs scheduled for the next four years?

    Source: College Counseling Sourcebook; The College Board