We hope that you are getting the year off to a great start!

    Entering High School is a big transition - and a time, developmentally, to begin taking more responsibility for balancing academics, extra-curricular activity, and social life.   We hope you will put some extra time into homework this year and that you will get involved in a sport, club or activity on campus.  See what your friends and classmates are doing.  Find something you are passionate about - before you know it you will be in a position to earn your 15 hours of community service doing something you love with people who share your passions.  

    Freshman year presents many new challenges and it is likely that you may feel confused, even overwhelmed. We hope you will take advantage of the many support programs available on campus, talk often with your teachers, and come to the counseling office where it is our goal to claify the questions you have about classes, credits, and college.  Initially we invite you to attend a FRESHMAN 4-YEAR PLANNING MEETING. where we will provide a basic roadmap and tools that will put you in the driver's seat.  At this meeting, we will go over the bigger picture of what classes are ahead in high school and get you thinking about a 4-year plan for graduation.  You will also sign on to and learn to use AERIES and NAVIANCE, our career and college planning website. Freshman Family Meetings will be held during student Support Period from 7:50-8:30am beginning in the Counseling Office. If you are interested in attending, signups are through SignUpGenius.com. Please go to the homepage of Naviance to find detailed sign-up directions. If you have any questions regarding the Freshman Family Meeting, please email Mrs. Katz at ckatz@lvusd.org. In addition, we have a full service media center available to assist you with your computing and research needs as well as a daily math & english tutoring program:

    Math Tutoring: Rm: M10 - Everyday (suport, nutrition & period 6)
    English Tutoring: Rm K1 - Even days / Rm K9 - Odd days (support & lunch)

    While you are a student here at Agoura High School, it is a good idea for you and your parents to stay connected by subscribing to our E-NEWS BULLETIN (available on our website) and by checking our website regularly for upcoming events and deadlines.  

    We hope you have a great Freshman year.  We are here to help and look forward to meeting and working with you. 

    The Agoura High School Counseling Team.