• Willow has a set of five basic rules, 'THE BIG FIVE", that are considered to be behaviors which are unacceptable, and will NOT be tolerated at school.

    1. Physical fighting
    2. Throwing of rocks, stones, sand, or other dangerous objects.
    3. Intentional interference with others in organized games.
    4. Verbal harassment, obscene and/or disrespectful language.
    5. Intentional damage or destruction of personal and/or school property.

    Any student who violates these rules will be sent to the principal's office. The principal will counsel the student and notify parents of the offense. The student will be provided a consequence at that time.

    Anytime a student misbehaves, he/she will be asked to evaluate their behavior and to find more appropriate ways of handling the same or similar situations. Students will ALWAYS be encouraged to find appropriate solutions to their problems and/or disagreements.