• Your student can set up an Aeries Student Portal account as follows:

    1.     Go to the website: http://student.lvusd.org

    2.     Click on ‘Create New Account’ and select account type: Student

    3.     Enter your issued Student Gmail/LVUSD email account ( ending in ‘@student.lvusd.org’ )

    4.     Enter your Student Permanent ID as your password and press Submit

    5.     Wait 10 minutes and your account will auto-activate ( do not follow instructions in your email )

    6.     Return to website: http://student.lvusd.org and login with your email address and Student ID


    ** If it states you already have an account, go to the website: http://student.lvusd.org

    a.     Click on ‘Forgot Password?’

    b.     Enter your issued Student Account ending in ‘@student.lvusd.org’

    c.     Log into http://gmail.lvusd.org with your student account

    d.     Follow the instructions in the email from  technicalsupport@lvusd.org


    Having log in issues? Try these tutorials...https://sites.google.com/lvusd.org/lvusdonline/video-tutorials?authuser=0