Independent Study

The Las Virgenes Academy

A K-12 Independent Study Program

The Board of Education believes in providing students and parents with alternative academic options for student learning. The board is committed to supporting and expanding options through the Las Virgenes Academy.

The Las Virgenes Academy (LVA) provides an alternative delivery method of instruction in core curricula by highly qualified teachers who assign a course of study and provide students with syllabi and necessary resources. Students meet with LVA teachers at least once every twenty days or more frequently as assigned.

Admission: Students and parents may request enrollment in the Las Virgenes Academy where there are a variety of enrollment options available to meet student needs. LVA adheres to Common Core Standards and offers the student flexibility and attention to individual learning styles.

Enrollment Procedures:  Interested students and parents should contact their school counselor or Marcy Heider, LVA Office Manager, (818-880-1339) for more information.  Out-of-district students are welcome.

Location: Las Virgenes Academy: a K-12 Independent Study Program is located on the campus of Arthur E. Wright Middle School, 4029 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, CA 91302

Ronald Kaiser - Administrator in Charge.